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Currently working on: Final Pre-Alpha Release
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I'm Miska Palo a.k.a Ravenis.
I live in finland and I'm doing all kind of programming and developing stuff.
After very long time asking, whining, crying and demanding my father bought me a Commodore 64 when i was 6 years old.
Computers have been my hobby, passion and job ever since.
On this project, I'm a programmer and musician, also graphic and sound artist at the same time, heh.


Hadelmia is a long term MMORPG project of mine, and I have been working on it for several years now.
I know I'm not the fastest developer on this planet, but creating a project this large alone is very slow.

It is a 2D Fantasy, Windows PC game with old school graphics. It has lots of features already, and fully playable.
Sometimes it can be at unstable stage due to testing and development though.
Feel free to test it out, I'll try to keep the server on 24/7.

Currently I have a very small group of volunteers testing the game.
If you are interested to join the actual testing group, please hop in the DISCORDdiscord and give me a shout.


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