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Final Pre-Alpha Release Testing in:

Currently working on: Final Pre-Alpha Release
96% Done


Current Pre-Alpha detailed features:


-Character creation

Pick a name, hairstyle, weapon skill and distribute points in different attributes.

-Classless character progression

Your character's progress is not limited or bound to classess, every character can learn and do anything they like.

-Character visual look

Look of your character will determined by the gear you are wearing.

-Melee combat

Choose your weapon from many different options, take it to the battle and use it with several techniques (much more to come).

-Ranged combat

Variety of ranged weapons and techniques.


Spell system skeleton is done and few basic spells added, spells are divided to several skill based categories.

-Skill progression and learning

Total skill factor is combination of practice and theory progress of your skill, practice will gain by using the skill and theory in time.


When you gain any experience, you also gain the skillpool points, which you can apply to any skill you have learned.

-Character perks

You can streghthen your character with a perks.



Brew potions.

-Animal taming

Tame an animal to fight on your side or just to hang around with you.


Craft metal based items like weapons and armors.


Craft variety of items like house block, weapons and other wooden things.


Cook items you find or grow.


Grow some crops.


Fish variety of fishes or even treasures with your favourite fishing pole.


Gather herbs to gain resources for other professions.


Tame a sheep for in example, pen it and wait it to grow some wool what you can shear.

-House building

Build house blocks with a carpentry and incoming masonry skills, and place them on the suitable land.


Scribe scrolls and books.


Craft leather based armors and items.


Wield a lumber axe and chop a tree to get logs.


Wield a pick axe and hit any stone to get ores.


Skin the animals and monsters to get hides and leather.


Smelt the ores to get bars and minerals.


Can make clothes.


Make leather from hides.


Craft tools and utilities.

Professions in development

Enchanting, Fletching, Geology, Hermeticism, Lockpicking, Masonry, Musicianship, Stealing.



Monsters and chests has a zone based loot, sometimes good and sometimes not.

-Stash(bank vault)

30 slot stash.


Still very basic. Quantities and skills are determinating prices. Degrading items makes sure that crafted and looted items are always needed.

-Item skill requirements

You need a certain theory level of skills to use items.

-Magical items

Items you find or craft can be magical, you need to identify them with an identify scroll.

-Item quality and condition system

Equips has a quality and condition, effecting to item stats like damage and armor rating. This means that every item you find is unique and possible upgrade to you gear.


-Wild life

Variety of neutral animals with an A.I.


Variety of Monsters with an A.I.

-Town guards

Guards with simple A.I.

-Random dungeon generator

Regenerates dungeons in every server boot.

-Zone based monster spawning

Spawns monsters randomly into zones by level of zone.

-Living world A.I. (alpha)

L.W.A.I. generates random events like monster camps, making every playing experience unique. Future versions will bring things like caravans, monster raids and progressing relations between factions.

-Quest system v1

Supporting NPC dialogue, basic kill, deliver and talk quests at the moment. Includes random generated Bounty Hunter quests.

User Interface

-Theme system

Select or randomize theme style, color and font.

-Resize and position your UI forms how you like

Every window and form can be resized and positioned how you like and those settings will be saved.

Other notable things

-Fair game

There is no Pay to Win features, and never will be!

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