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Currently working on: Final Pre-Alpha Release
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Hadelmia Client Files

Recommended to use MSI installer

Hadelmia MMORPG projectHadelmia windows installer (Including Music) (~90MB) - Version 0.4 RC3 client In MSI installer format, adds shortcuts and start menu stuff too, also uninstaller included. Windows can warn about the Installer and Updater, since those are not well know yet.

If installer for some reason doesn't work

Hadelmia MMORPG projectHadelmia client in ZIP format (No Music) (~10MB) - Use this if installer doesn't work for some reason, it's latest client In ZIP format, unzip it in folder of your choosing. After that run Hadelmia.exe.

Hadelmia MMORPG projectHadelmia Music (~60MB) - Music In ZIP format, unzip to Hadelmia folder.

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